Union Athletic Association
"One Family, One Mission"

Union Athletic Association
"One Family, One Mission"


Please adhere to the Chain of Command that is followed by Union Academy Middle School and High School athletics, as well as UAA, for any concerns. 
If this protocol is not followed, the governing board of UAA reserves the right to not address the issues in question.

Chain of Command
1- Assistant Coach 
2- Head Coach 
3- Sports Commissioner (located on each page) 
4- Contact the UAA board through email at [email protected]

Interested in becoming a 

Union Athletic Association board member? 

Please email [email protected] of 

any open positions.  

The Union Athletic Association board is NOT associated with the Union Academy Charter School Board or the board of the Union Academy Foundation.

   2021-22 Officers


Kim Laney




Misty Kohnle


James "Scooter" Marlow


Evadne Smith

Past President

Amy Boyce  
Jennifer Love
Mike McKenzie       

Greg Gregory

Crystal Kiker

Tommy Morrison

Michelle Phifer 

Charlton Plyler

Lisa Williams

Union Athletic Organization abides by rules and regulations set forth by the National Federation of High Schools, North Carolina High School Athletic Association, and Union Academy Charter School regarding athletic participation.  This includes but is not limited to: academic eligibility, weather related delays and cancellations, protocol for the well being and safety of all student athletes and observing dead periods as outlined in the above listed guidelines.  If you have any questions, please direct them to: uni[email protected]